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Four released in gas station owner murder probe

EXECUTED: Ramesh Radcliffe

Gas station owner, Ramesh Radcliffe, who was killed on Wednesday, is to be cremated today. He was gunned down in front of his Better Hope home.

Police have since released on station bail, four persons held for questioning, saying there was not enough evidence to make a case against them. Among the four was another gas station owner.

Radcliffe, who operated the Texaco Service station at Strathspey, East Coast Demerara, is believed to have been the victim of a contract killing. From all indications, the gunmen were not after money. They just wanted him dead.

Relatives have since said that people envied Radcliffe for his apparent success. He had recently made a bid for a gas station at Success and had planned to open it last Sunday.

Stabroek News visited the family at Better Hope yesterday and spoke with his wife, Chandradai. She said that after the burial, a decision would be taken as to whether she will remain in the country with her son.

Radcliffe's mother who saw the execution is still having visions of what happened that night.